Algebra and equations

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Algebra and equations

The average (Av) of two numbers ( ) is found by adding the numbers together and dividing the total by two as shown in the formula below:

a) Find the average of as a fraction operation with full working.

b) Rearrange the formula to make x1 the subject.

(c) The average of two numbers is 13.5. One of the numbers is 8. number.

a) Mr T owns a very old Toyota land cruiser which consumes petrol at an average rate of 6 km per litre. Calculate this consumption in litres per kilometre.

b) If he travels from Darwin to Kununurra in WA, at total of 830 kilometres, calculate how many litres of petrol (to the nearest 10 litres) that he will need to complete the journey.

c) He travels at an average of 25.6 metres per second (ms-1). Determine this speed in kilometres per hour (Km/hr).

d) Calculate the time taken for the journey to the nearest hour.

e) As Mr T had a flat tyre and had to stop at the quarantine check point to hand in his jar of honey, the time taken for him to complete the journey was 12.3 hours rather than the previous estimated time. If he left Darwin 8 am Central standard time (CST), calculate the local time of arrival in Kununurra. (Assume no daylight saving for either state.

2.Violin‘s play

Louise Erdrich told the woman in the first interview that she doesn’t think of her novels as involving magical realism, but rather that she writes novels where anything could be true. Do you think the story of the violin could be true? You might discuss the role of Shamengwa’s dream in finding it. You might discuss the effect it had on Corwin Peace. Do you think that the violin holds the music that both Shamengwa and Corwin play so beautifully, or is it something in them?

Write another short paragraph answering the following questions: What role does the violin play in what Judge Coutts calls "tribal justice"? How is tribal justice different from our understanding of modern legal justice or the JudeoChristian concept of divine justice? How does tribal justice work?

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