CIPD Level 5 Using information in Human Resources (5UIN)

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.CIPD Level 5 Using information in Human Resources (5UIN)

Your CEO has asked each departmental head to undertake a critical review of their systems, processes and practices as part of a major organisational change agenda. You have been asked to review an area of HR/business practice and present a business report to key stakeholders with recommendations for improving practice. To provide the basis for your report, you have been asked to conduct a critical review of information sources relevant to the area of practice.
.1 Formulate a business report for identified stakeholders that includes an appropriate mix of diagrammatic and narrative formats

2. The 7 laws of the learner.

Review pages 275-284 of your textbook by Wilkinson titled The 7 laws of the learner.

Write a 1-2 page paper showing how these five steps fits into the need model for a Sunday School lesson or sermon on obedience or faithfulness.
To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need thoroughly addressed:
? What are you going to use to seize the audience’s attention in the lesson plan?
? Demonstrate how to move the student from “felt need” (want) to the “real need” (must have).
? En sure you fill the need with the truth(s) of scripture and not your personal ideas alone.
? Meet expectations provided in the Paper Writing rubric in the syllabus.
? Provide at least 1 outside source beyond the textbook, Bible and dictionary.

3.Patient Safety in American Hospitals.

Givean in-depth evaluation of a health care issue or problem with REASONED CONCLUSIONS, ANALYSE AND CRITIQUE the available literature.

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