“Masters of the Printed Image”

1.”Masters of the Printed Image”

Post the name, time period, and technique used by the artist. Discuss why they are considered “Masters” and provide a visual example of their work in your post.

Additionally, after watching the Video, “Modern Masters: Andy Warhol”, discuss whether you believe Andy Warhol should be considered a “Master of the Printed Image?

Why or why not?

2.Halon and Inert Gas Design

Determine the weight of HFC-227ea required to protect an enclosure 20 ft. wide, 40 ft. long, and 8 ft high, at an ambient temperature of 60oF, and an elevation of 6,000 ft., using a 9% design concentration.

(15 pts) Determine the weight of IG-541 required to protect and enclosure 12 ft. wide, 12 ft. long and 10 ft. high, at an ambient temperature of 75oF, and an elevation of –3,000 ft., using a 40% design concentration.

3.Ford’s Smart Mobility business segment

1. In which industry do you think Ford’s Smart Mobility business segment competes? Why? 2. How strong are the competitive forces confronting Ford in the global market for smart mobility? Do a five- forces analysis and identify the key driving forces and key success factors to support your answer. 3. How have Ford’s business strategy choices strengthened or weakened its prospective competitive position in the mobility industry? Discuss how the company’s senior management has chosen to increase the horizontal or vertical scope of the rm. 4. What specific business strategy recommendations would you make to Ford’s management regarding its Dynamic Shuttle program? Consider carefully its strategy to enter emerging markets such as India. Should the company consider a green field development, a strategic partnership or alliance, or acquire an existing mobility provider? Are there other potential strategic options that should be under consideration? Please justify your recommendations by outlining the pros and cons of each.

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