Using Verbal and Nonverbal Codes Effectively

The following post has three assignments namely;

1. Using Verbal and Nonverbal Codes Effectively

Effectiveness in the use of communication codes must be considered at both the content and relationship levels. In others words, we must be able to frame messages in such a way that our thoughts are understood clearly by our communication partners and that we accurately communicate our feelings about our communication partners themselves.

1. Reviewthe information about the “Destructive Side of Verbal Symbols” and the “Principles of Nonverbal Communication.” Spend three days logging your communication interactions making note of any of the relevant concepts. Your logs should include the specific signals (both verbal and nonverbal), the message sent and the impact of the interaction. Using examples from your logs explain the impact that they have had on your interactions. In your explanation you should identify specific concepts and the impact that your use of them had on your interactions – both in terms of content and relationship.

2. Now go back and review “Skill Set for Improving Verbal Communication” and “Skill Set for Increasing Nonverbal Communication Effectiveness.” Using these concepts spend three days logging your interactions with emphasis on using nonverbal signals to complement your verbal messages. Summarize the outcomes being specific based terms and examples.

3. Discuss of what you learned about your.Use of communication codes. Consider your communication effectiveness at both content and relationship levels.

2.Gypsy culture in Spain

Write about the gyspies and gypsy culture in Spain, And how Flamenco music was created in Andalucia, south of Spain. People, music , instruments, mixed of cultures.

3.Deductive Logic

Translate the following argument into categorical syllogistic
form (major premise, minor premise, conclusion), symbolize the
argument (using the conventional S, P, M variables), and draw a Venn
diagram to test its validity. [8p]
All bacon burgers are heart attack—inducing foods because
all bacon burgers are high-fat foods, and some heart
attack—inducing foods are not high-fat foods.
For extra credit (up to 4 points): test the validity of the above argument
using one of the other methods covered in class.
Consider the following statement
All newspapers identical to Washington Post are untrustworthy sources.
Assuming that this statement is false, use the Square of Opposition to
determine the truth-values of the corresponding categorical statements
E, I, and O. [2p each]
Problem 3: Using the direct truth-table method, determine the validity of
the following argument [8p: 6p for the truth-table, 2p for the answer]
B ? S / S ? ~ R / R ? (~ B ? ~ S) / ~ S // ~ B

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