Using Visuals to Enhance Visual Perception

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Using Visuals to Enhance Visual Perception

Competency Analyze and interpret perceptual elements of visual media communication to identify effective visual messages. Instructions You have been hired by a large law enforcement agency to
analyze the images used on advertising billboards in both urban and suburban regions. The billboards visually display a new campaign message to improve neighborhood safety. During your analysis,
you find that the images used on billboards in the urban areas are exactly the same as the images used in the suburban areas. Both images show parents happily talking with law enforcement officers
while children run over green lawns having a fun balloon fight. You decide that these images are not sending proper perceptual messages. You decide to create a visual analysis video for the law
enforcement agency to share with the administration. For the video visual analysis, you realize you will need to find two new images that are quite different from one another. One image will be
used on the urban billboard, and the other image will be used on the suburban billboard. In your video presentation, you will compare and contrast how each image utilizes the following: Compare and
contrast the visual elements of cultural familiarity. Explain why it is important to use culturally familiar visuals that are quite different in the urban and suburban billboard images. Include
specific visuals in your visual analysis. Identify specific visual examples of the following cognitive elements: memories, experiences, and expectation. Compare and contrast how urban and suburban
viewers may be affected differently by those specific cognitive visual elements. Explain the difference between urban and suburban viewers’ emotionally engagement with each of the billboard images.
Identify visual semiotic codes in both images: metonymic, analogical, displaced, and condensed. Discuss the importance of using these codes. Include specific visuals in each part of your visual
analysis. Note: You may use any visual and audio screen sharing tool to make the videos; if you do not have a preferred tool, an Internet search will provide a number of free versions to choose
from. As you outline your ideas for the video, you decide to record your verbal analysis while analyzing the two visuals in less than seven minutes for added clarity. Also, in order to send it to
diverse users, you decide to upload your video presentation to YouTube and submit the link for everyone in the agency to have easy access for review. Thoroughly compares and contrasts the cultural
familiarity elements in both urban and suburban images using specific visual examples. Thoroughly analyzes the cognitive elements and viewer effects in both urban and suburban images using specific
visual examples. Thoroughly analyzes the emotional engagement of urban and suburban viewers using specific visual examples. Thoroughly analyzes the semiotic codes in both urban and suburban images
using specific visual examples.

2.Marketing concept in relationship to marketing research

Why is it important for decision makers to have philosophies? ;Hutt is the marketing concept and what is its relationship to marketing research

What is a marketing strategy, and why is marketing resea ch important to strategy makers?

List three product important reason failures have been information?
allures and explain the most hat they failed. Could these avoided with better research arks
Explain why firms may not have a need for marketing research.

3.Sustainable Development Construction Practices

•Differentiate between sustainability practices that a contractor can control and those that are dictated.
•Identify major building systems and construction/installation practices that affect the long-term well-being, health, and productivity of occupants.

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