Business Strategy and Human Resource Management

Business Strategy and Human Resource Management

The Post contains three asighnments

1:Analyse the interdependent relationship that exists between ‘Business Strategy’ and ‘Human Resource Management’ within an organisation of your choice

2: Planning for Marta

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Marta is a 33-year-old woman who recently left her husband. She tells you that she and her three children had to leave after both physical and verbal abuse escalated in the past year. Her children are ages 3, 7, and 9.

Marta states she and her husband were married 11 years ago. They met in college and waited for her to finish her degree in accounting before getting married. Her husband is a successful engineer. No one suspects that there has been violence in the home. The few times Marta had visible bruises she explained them away as accidents while doing housework. Recently she had concluded that her family is skeptical of this explanation.

Marta states that in public and at social functions her husband is charming, both to her and to others. It is at home that he becomes sullen, critical, and demanding, escalating the smallest problem into a shouting and punching episode. Marta has noticed that all her children appear anxious around him and the oldest is not doing well in school. She has offered to leave, but he always becomes remorseful and promises to reform his ways, stating he could not get along in life without her.

“Up until now I have believed him. I would think we had turned over a new leaf, but in a week or so things would be the same. Now I have a 9-year-old who bites his nails and a 3-year-old who clams up when her father is in the room. Recently my son told me he is afraid to bring friends home because of the ‘way Daddy acts.’ I have done everything I can do alone to make this thing work. He refuses to go to counseling and I can’t live like this the rest of my life.”

Marta is seeking help with finding a place to go with her children where her husband cannot have access. She left everything behind this morning when they left the house. She has her social security card and driver’s license, but no birth certificates or other records and only 5 checks for the checking account. She read about the case management unit in an article some time ago in the paper and has carried the article in her wallet ever since. She kept the two older children out of school this morning. She has never held a job since the first year of her marriage because her husband resented her working and became furious when she was promoted.

Marta appears fearful and anxious. She frets about where she had to park and fears that her husband might see it. At times she is tearful as she describes her futile efforts to keep the marriage together. The oldest child, Billy, stands around silently listening to his mother while the younger children color and play with toys in a playroom. He does not want to go to the playroom, but instead listens intently. He looks sad and burdened to you.
What are the services you would arrange today?
What will Marta need long term if she does not return home?
Do you want to arrange special services for the children?
What strengths of Marta’s do you plan to use to help her?
What are the safety issues that you can identify?

3: Why I am taking this class and what areas of the Hospitality Industry am I interested in

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The Writer mus have this book “Exploring the hospitality Industries 3rd edition by John Walker”

assignments must be typed (double space) in APA or MLA format with 12 point, Times New Roman font. Each assignment must include a cover page and a reference page with a minimum of two citations. One citation must be from the class textbook. The minimum length of the assignment is three full pages (not including the cover or reference page). Spelling, grammar and proper citations are to be presented at an undergraduate college level and will be graded accordingly

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