Compare and Contrast Two Social Work Theories

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Two Social Work Theories

Select two methods/theories and write a compare and contrast paper examining the two approaches you have chosen. Students are required to include a title page and references with their assignment.
Your paper must address the following: • Identify and describe each of the methods/theories • Identify what commonalities exist between the methods/theories • Identify the differences that exist
between the theories/methods • Describe which of the two theories/methods you believe fits best with your worldview and why you chose this theory/method • Describe any concerns you may experience
with employing your preferred theory/method and how you might resolve the concerns.

2.American Politics: Voting and Elections

Voting and elections are important aspects of American democracy, but not everyone chooses to participate by voting. Why are some people more likely to vote than others? Once someone decides to
vote, which factors are the most important influences on their choice of candidate in an election? Based on your understanding of voting, do you think elections are effective parts of democratic
representation in America? Explain.

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