Generational differences

Generational differences

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1: Generational differences in today’s workplace: Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials

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Three generational differences matter in today’s workplace: Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials. In this research activity, you will do research on each of these generations and write up a summary. In that summary, you will share your perspective on the following:

What are the stereotypes associated with each generation? In your paper, describe the following for each generation:
Personality traits and values
Significant events that occurred that may have some influence on their values
Organizational behaviors
Workplace strengths and struggles
In addition to researching the above, provide a one page summary as to why it is important for companies to understand the generational differences. What are some similarities each generation possess and what are their key differences? How do they perform in team environments?

2:Rhetorical Analysis Essay

write a 3-5 page Rhetorical Analysis Essay which addresses the rhetorical situation and rhetorical appeals within an academic, argumentative text. -An advertisement -A commercial -A famous speech -A famous essay -An editorial or column -A book chapter -A documentary film Desсrіption of Assignment: ● consider the following: ○ Author: Beyond stating the name, who is the author? What is their background? ○ Purpose: What is the author trying to accomplish? Why did the author write the text? ○ Audience/Relationship to the Reader: To whom is the text addressed? ○ Context: What are influencing factors surrounding the event? Where/When was the text written? ○ Voice: What is the overall tone of the text? ○ Genre: What type of writing is the text? ○ Strategies: What strategies does the author use? What methodologies? ○ Effectiveness: Is the author rhetorically effective? Does the text ‘move’ you? Does the text cause you to think differently about the subject? ● In addressing the rhetorical appeals you should discuss how the author utilizes one or more of the following: ○ Ethos: Appeals based on the character and expertise of the writer and the sources he/she uses. ○ Logos: Appeals based on logic, reasoning, and evidence concerning the subject. ○ Pathos: Appeals to the beliefs and values of the audience.

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