Integrating Adult Learning Principles Into Training for Public Health Practice,

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Integrating Adult Learning Principles Into Training for Public Health Practice,

1. How could the sample assessment and evaluation questions found in table 2 in the article ‘Integrating Adult Learning Principles’ be incorporated into an organizations training offerings?
2. Based on the adult learning principles, how can those inform your development and delivery of training in an organizational context?
3. How can you ensure that learning not only takes place but is transferred back to the employee’s job?
4. What does distant learning or self-paced learning using technology need in order for employee’s to learning and apply their new knowledge?
5. How do you ensure that employee’s understand and are aware of the relevance of the training (learning) they’re involved in? What measures can be put in place to ensure that the purpose of learning is known?

2.Regulatory Issues in Weapons of Mass Destruction

1. Using two references and in your words, defines Weapons of Mass Destruction? 2. Explain Sanctions against Foreign Persons as presented in Executive Order EC 12938? 3. In your own words, compare and contrast counter proliferation and Combating WMD (CWMD)? 4. Identify three resources the U.S. Government is using towards Weapons of Mass Destruction Counter Proliferation efforts? 5. Do Weapons of Mass Destruction pose a threat to the United States? If so, where does the greatest threat stem from?

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