Learning scores for standardized and diagnostic tests

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Learning scores for standardized and diagnostic tests

As the principal at your elementary school, use an appropriate technology tool (e.g. Excel, SPSS) to analyze data on your schools’ curriculum, including students’ learning scores for standardized and diagnostic tests, and any other appropriate data available. Look for patterns and areas of concern linked to specific standards. Identify any indicators for which the data indicate students’ learning gaps.
Describe the communication strategies or tools you will use to share the data with the teachers at your school who teach the classes related to the identified indicators.

2.Implement strategy and change

You are tasked by the board of SIG plc with identifying two strategic options for the business and then justifying the selection of the most appropriate option that should be pursued at the current time.

3.Halon and Inert Gas Design

1. Determine the weight of HFC-227ea required to protect an enclosure 20 ft. wide, 40 ft. long, and 8 ft high, at an ambient temperature of 60oF, and an elevation of 6,000 ft., using a 9% design concentration.

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