Organisational Environment


The University Careers team have asked you to put together ‘Company Profiles’ for a range of organisations to bring students up to speed on different potential employers. The information presented needs to inform and guide potential employees into a career pathway.


1. Create one Poster which contains 3 Business Profiles (total of 1500 words), plus a 10 minute individual recorded video presentation to be posted online.
You are required to select one company from the following three organisational types (which should be approved by your Tutor prior to starting the Assignment):

• A Charity based within the United Kingdom
• A Government Department as part of the UK Public Sector
• A Global business operation

2. You are required to present your material as part of a 10 minute Video Presentation.

Both components MUST be attempted and carry equal marks.

Your presentation will be on behalf of the University Careers team to explain to students who are considering applying to these three organisations the differences and similarities between each company.
Assignment Brief

Select three different organisations to create your profiles and include the following:

1. A critical assessment of their key characteristics and the way in which their business models and organisational philosophies are put into practice.
2. An analysis of their activities and goals accompanied by the key environmental influences on the organisation taking into account its ethos and purpose.

This is additional help for you to have so its easier for you

All three company profiles will be presented in a poster. You can create a poster through MS PowerPoint. The size of the slide to be used is A1 (you have to select ‘custom’ from the scroll-down bar and then adjust Width of slide 59.4cm and Height of slide 84.1cm.
You may follow whichever format you prefer and suits your style better. You may frame the three company profiles or not; you may design your poster in Portrait or Landscape position; you may use squares or circles to separate the three companies. Use colours, logos, graphs as/if you wish.
At the bottom of the poster create a separate table with the references that you have used to support the information of all company profiles.
Company Profiles need to include the following:
Details of the company of your choice (contact details, demographics, statistics, basic figures)
Brief background of the company
Analysis of the company
• Individual level
o What kind of people does the particular organisation employ?
o How do they fit-in the organisation – at the pre-hiring and post-hiring stage?
• Team/departmental level
o What kind of structure does the organisation have? Is it national, international or is it global?
o How is the company designed?
o How does the organisation treat teamwork?
o How do departments/ roles/ functions of the organisation communicate with each other?
• Organisational level
o What type of culture do you identify in each one of the companies? What type of management and/ or leadership characterises the company?
o What is the performance and effectiveness of the organisation as a whole? How is it measured?
o Use some necessary financial figures of the companies

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