Organizational changes

Organizational changes

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1:Organizational changes

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Assignment: Consider both successful and unsuccessful organizational changes of which you have been a part, or with which you are familiar, and evaluate how these organizational changes support or refute the philosophies and models offered by this week’s Learning Resources and/or any additional resources that you have selected.

Successful: Changing Veterans Affairs focus from small dollar amount complaints to investigate into more high impact dollar investigations “Contract fraud to find scandals such as Department of Defense Navy’s Fat Leonard scandal, Qui Tam (whistleblower )cases. Articulating the process of how to go about and network with different sections and obtain resourceful informants.

Unsuccessful: Incoming Military Commanders (whose tour is only 3-4 years) changing entire organizations process to mirror previous organization. Changing out computer equipment, software, and complete process without any input from employees who have been working there for 5 – 20 years. Leaving the employees frustrated, and pushing back due to not wanting to accept the new change.

Do a scholarly, 2- to 4-page evaluation of two change management philosophies and models. include the following:

· An examination of the reasons for successful organizational change

· An evaluation of your personal experience with or knowledge of organizational changes, both successful and unsuccessful

· A dissection of the organizational change philosophies and or models that contain concepts that support and/or refute your successful and unsuccessful organizational change experiences

· A synthesis of the Learning Resources along with appropriately formatted references to a minimum of two scholarly, peer-reviewed articles per page of your paper to support your assertions

2: Enron Investors

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Enron promised its investors wealth beyond their wildest dreams. The company pioneered many of the dubious practices that continue to plague the American economy today.
Read pp. 1-11 (up to “Ethical Relativism”) in text. Shaw/Barry, Moral Issues in Business Ethics, 12th Edition

View Enron videos.

Answer the following questions :
1.What did Enron do wrong? Include in your answer three specific examples.
2.Why were each of these things wrong?
3.Would it have been wrong if they had gotten away with it? Why or why not?

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