Research Theoretical Connections

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Research Theoretical Connections

Imagine that you have received a grant to study a community or population that is culturally different than the dominant culture in the community. Members of the community misunderstand one
another, creating a conflict. Describe how you would plan to establish a foundation of understanding to create a relationship with the community members at odds with one another. Explain how you
would conduct the research and how you would include the community in making the specific research decisions.

2.Change management

You have been asked to oversee a major change management process in your organisation (fact or fictional). Write an essay of 2,500 words outlining how you would manage this change. In your essay
you must address the following key points:

Outline the change that is going to take place;
What approach you will take in managing the change;
What are the key elements that you will have to manage during the change process?
What approaches will you use to measure the success of the change process?
What will be your approach to incorporating the learnings from the change process into future change management activities?

3.The Enlightenment and US Government

The ideas of the Enlightenment inspired the Constitution of the United States of America, the government, and the society of the United States today. Do you think Democracy is ALWAYS the BEST form of government? Should the United States fight to spread democracy in every society around the world? Why or Why not?

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