Nursing application

Nursing application

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1:Nursing application

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a Personal Statement (maximum 4 pages single-spaced) that addresses the following:

York’s School of Nursing and graduate program is based on a human science
philosophy. describe how your own values and practices align with this philosophy. Provide at
least two personal examples that illustrate how your values and practices align with the human science
• describe your career path and why you are interested in York’s MScN program, why you
are interested in graduate education at this particular time, what you think you will bring to the
program, and how you believe the program will further your plans for your future in nursing.

2:Define the terms of Sensitivity, Specifity, Positive and Negative Predictive value and how they can be used to rule in or out medical diagnosis.

3: Early Development Case Intervention Analysis

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Part 1: Create the Case
Create a simulated case study, relevant to your area of specialization, of an infant or toddler (birth to 24 months of age) who presents developmental challenges related to factors described by Bowlby’s attachment theory, and also shows evidence of biological factors that affect development.

be 1–2 pages in length and it should describe:

The infant or toddler and his or her strengths and challenges.
The medical, family, and social context.
The developmental challenges evident in the behavior of the infant or toddler.
Evidence in the case that supports a specific attachment style.
Contextual factors that could affect the infant’s or toddler’s biological and brain development.
Individual and cultural factors that theory and/or research indicate could impact the infant’s or toddler’s development.
Any other factors you deem appropriate based on your understanding of the theory and related research.
To develop this case, you should:

Explore theory and research related to development linked to biological and brain factors and influences based on Bowlby’s attachment theory.
Identify attachment styles in general and analyze a specific attachment style for the case you are developing.
Locate and read current research on prenatal and infant brain development to describe potential outcomes linked to brain development in infancy or toddlerhood, including important considerations in the case you are developing.
Follow current APA guidelines for style and formatting, as well as for citing your resources. Include a reference list of the scholarly resources you consulted.

Part 2: Early Development Case Intervention Analysis
Complete the following:

Research evidence-based interventions that have been effective in meeting the challenges of the infant or toddler you described in your case study, from the perspective of your own professional specialization (as far as possible).
Explain how the deficits in developmental domains or environmental contexts impacted functioning.
State the recommended interventions that align with your specialization.
Include evidence for those outcomes from the professional literature.
Explore briefly the literature on adult attachment issues, considering that early influences can impact development across the lifespan.
Explain, from the perspective of your specialization, how the attachment style of the infant or toddler could be manifested as an adult.
Explain how this might help in understanding and determining an approach to working with an adult with attachment-related issues.

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