Sustainable tourism management

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Sustainable tourism management

Consider the CEO of a company in the Tourism industry. The Ceo needs to make a decision on a strategic topic (e.g. how to develop tourism products that assist in poverty alleviation; how to ensure that one’s tourism products do not have adverse socio-cultural effects on local cultures; should one include World Heritage sites in your packages; etc.). Report an effective decision and description of the relevant arguments in detail.

2.Local Government Law

Undertake an in-depth legal examination of any contemporary issue that is facing local government. The essay must address the following key areas: • A detailed explanation and analysis of what the issue is and how it impacts on local government. • An explanation of the legal impact of the issue, including (but not limited to): o the legislation impacting on the issue; and o any significant case law considering the issue. • The challenges and opportunities the issue presents to local government. • Possible solutions or suggested reforms for the issue – this may include for example legislative reform. Some topics as some ideas are: • Recognition of Local Government at either the State or Federal level • State involvement in local govemment and local government autonomy • Local govemment as a roads manager • Financial resourcing and sustainability of local government • Equitable recognition of diversity within local government • The competing interests regarding planning within local government • The competing interests of the executive and administrative arm of Council • Cyber security However, as long as its a quality analysis, it is completely up to you as to what area of Local Government law you want to write about. An analysis of an original topic would probably be better in many ways.

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