Business Communications

Business Communications

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1:Business Communications

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Miscommunication Cause and Solution:

Identify and describe a miscommunication that you have had with a fellow college student, friend, family member, co-worker,or representative of a company with which
you have dealt.


Explain the source or cause of the communication issue.
Was it due to some type of interference?
Or was it a problem with encoding?
In retrospect, what feedback might you have given to eliminate the problem?

2: Policy essay

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Select a population group relevant to social policy. Critically consider the way social policy debates and changes to the Australian welfare state have affected your
selected population group. focus on income support and one other relevant social policy domain discussed in Chapters 7-12 of your text, Carson & Kerr (2017).
Some suggested population categories:
Unemployed people
Single parents
Aged people
People’s living with a disability
Indigenous Australians

Briefly define the population group (Who they are and how perceptions of them have changed over time)
Briefly outline the social policy domains, in relation to your chosen group (income support and one other domain).

· Discuss the ways in which your chosen social policy domains impact (strengths/limitations) your selected population group. Be sure to draw on wider reading to
support arguments.
· In light of reading/research, conclude by predicting potential future issues faced by the group under current policies (you may suggest solutions, however they must
be realistic and informed by research in the area).

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