Community Analysis

Community Analysis

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1:Community Analysis

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Using sociological theory and research of relevance for understanding community action, why do specific Australian communities mobilise to act, or not, around the
‘Lock the Gate’ socio-environmental campaign?
‘Lock the Gate’ is an Australian grassroots campaign that embodies community action by rural communities, for the well-being of rural Australians and their natural
environments. In planning for your essay writing, you will need to schedule sufficient time, likely 4-5 weeks, before your essay is due to:
Look the gate official website
1) generally research what Lock-the-Gate is and identify which communities have/have not participated in the campaign and why
2) conduct academic research using the Library databases to locate and obtain sufficient and suitable academic journal articles to enable you to learn and explain how
and why communities engage in collective action around specific issues
3) identify which social theory from your subject reading and learning you will use to sociologically explain the phenomena you are investigating and make
recommendations as a community analyst that explain what your research identified has/has not occurred in the specific community/communities you researched which are
the focus of your essay.

a. Demonstrates your ability to define and explain the ‘real-world’ challenges Australian communities face as part of the Lock the Gate movement in light of your
research for this essay and the subject material learned this session
b. Applies one theory learned in this subject and uses the key ideas of this theory to explain this social issue, referencing subject material and 3 additional
academic references that help you express your understanding and application of this theory to the case study topic (Lock the Gate)
c. Utilises the ideas found in the 5 academic journal articles you found to explain how and why communities take collective action, mobilise around issues or choose to
ignore problems. illustrate your critical thinking skills here by applying the insights you’ve gained from sociological thinking to the Lock the Gate examples you
located. In other words, sociologically explain why some Australian communities were able to ‘mobilise’, or work together, or not, for this cause and ensure you
evidence your argument by using in-text citations that apply APA Referencing formatting.

2:The Apostle John

Directly and sufficiently answer the following: 1. It is often said that John is the Gospel to the world (and Matthew to the Jews, Mark to the Romans, and Luke to the
Greeks). How would you respond to someone who said they thought that John was the most Jewish of the Gospels? What types of reasoning/facts would you use? You must
reference John, the Köstenberger and Morris textbooks, and at least 2 outside sources in support of your argument. All sources must be cited in current Turabian format
(footnotes and bibliography). All cited work must include page numbers when applicable. Referencing the text books 1. Morris, Leon. “Jesus Is the Christ: Studies in
the Theology of John.” (Grand Rapids, MI: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1989.) 2. Köstenberger, Andreas J. “Encountering John: The Gospel in Historical,
Literary, and Theological Perspective.” (Grand Rapids, MI: Bakers Publishing Group, 1999.)

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