Critique global vertical integration in the Hollywood studios

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Critique global vertical integration in the Hollywood studios

Describe and critique global vertical integration in the Hollywood studios

2.The Rising Importance of Cross Cultural Communication in Global Business Scenario

1. Why is cross cultural communication (CCC) a business issue?

2. Why is CCC an ethics issue? How would an understanding of ethics assist a professional to communicate effectively with people from other cultures?

3. What do you think the author meant by “Recent economic challenges further highlight the need for organizations to develop the internal communication capacity necessary to control and monitor external threats’?

4. Explain why ‘cultural proficiency doesn’t mean memorizing every cultural nuance of every market; it’s knowing when to listen, when to ask for help, and when—finally—to speak’

5. The author argues that ‘Focus should be placed on using individual differences’. Why do you think this approach might be more effective than ‘promoting cultural adaptation’?

6. Explain why ‘Companies that are successful in communicating cross-culturally have a competitive advantage’ (Genevieve, 2007).

7. Compare and contrast the communication styles of your home country and Australia. How do they differ? Are there similarities?

8. Give an example of how one of the differences that you have identified might lead to misunderstanding. How could this have a negative effect on business?

9. Why might ‘The obsession to overemphasize the differences between different cultures may result in stereotypes being conceived and such perceived notions may prove to be a hindrance in communicating with people’?

10. Give examples of how Australians stereotype people from your country, and how people from your country stereotype Australians. Do you think these stereotypes are accurate?

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