Late adulthood

1.Late adulthood

1. How can involvement in civic or religious activity buffer you against stress effects? Give some examples from your personal life.
2. You experience some unanticipated conflicts as your children move on in their own lives. These conflicts arise between you as parent and your adult children about: Communication and style of interaction; Lifestyle choices and habits; Parenting practices and values; Religion, ideology, and politics; Work habits; Standards of household maintenance. What do you do about these conflicts?
3. What employment problems might an older person face that could be the result of their age?
4. According to Nancy Schlossberg, there are multiple paths of retirement that adults may follow. (a) Continuers; (b) Involved spectators; (c) Adventurers; (d) Searchers; (e) Easy gliders; (f) Retreaters. Which of these paths seem most probable for you? Why? (a) Continuers; (b) Involved spectators; (c) Adventurers; (d) Searchers; (e) Easy gliders; (f) Retreaters. Which of these paths seem most probable for you? Why?
5. Some of the best predictors of successful aging are an individual’s general Negativity towards life, as well as the sense of control or one’s ability to adapting to life’s events (expected or not!). Looking back over your virtual life course, what sorts of experiences could contribute to successful aging, and which could have put you at risk for poor transition through the final stages of life?
6. Why are siblings such an important factor in elderly individuals having successful coping skills? Does this mean that aging persons without siblings (either due to loss or perhaps because they were an only child) are more at-risk for problems in coping with aging? How might only children compensate for lacking siblings over time that can also lead to positive outcomes in later adulthood?
7. As a projective assignment: Write your own conclusion or obituary about your Virtual Life. What significant others in your life remain after you? What would you list as your meaningful moments or accomplishments, either those addressed within this Virtual Life course, or drawn from experiences not mentioned previously? You can write this from an observer’s point of view (third-person), or from your own perspective (first-person) as an autobiographical letter.

2.Management of Technology and Innovation to a Company’s Strategy

Identify a company that is well-known for its excellence in the management of technology and innovation. After researching the company’s website and on the Internet, try to see if you can find how to relate their management of technology and innovation to that company’s strategy or business plans. How has technology and innovation changed their business life cycles or the release of products or services?

3.Nietzsche’s The Birth of Tragedy

present on Nietzsche’s The Birth of Tragedy (excerpt, Part II, on Blackboard). focusing on sections 12-15 (pp. 59-75

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