Describe a health problem that negatively impacts a particular subpopulation in the United States, identify the root cause(s), and give examples where application of Biblical principles have led or should lead to improved health status. You will become familiar with the various aspects of the public health and health care delivery systems in the U.S., and those populations who continue to suffer. By correlating with Scriptural principles, you will understand the continued impact of sin on society.

2.Shakespearean Soliloquies

Examine and contrast the functions of the soliloquies in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, King Lear and Othello, focusing on at least one soliloquy from each play.

3. Personality and Self-Concept

provide an initial self-reflection that discusses your own strengths as well as areas you feel you may need to improve. Consider how these aspects of your personality and self-concept will allow you to improve your skills in a future leadership role.Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: I. Strengths: Discuss the aspects of your personality and self-concept that serve as a particular strength as you consider your future leadership opportunities. Why are these important to you and to others you may be leading? II. Areas of Improvement: Conversely, what aspects of your personality and self-concept may lead to difficulties in your future work as a leader? What areas of improvement have you identified?

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