The Great Depression

1.The Great Depression

Briefly discuss the causes that led to the Great Depression. WiiDarRbsi’aisarePreinsideoemniiton It ill; initial response, was it valid, and why? What did Hoover and their approach to government’s role in economic recovery and how did they dillituss (discuss this)? In your opinion was the New Deal successful and why? Finally, d the opposition to the New Deal and FDR. Were the ideas of the critics valid and why? 2. Briefly discuss the origins of the Cold War and how the Truman administration was advised to deal with the Soviet Union. What policy did the U.S. adopt during the Truman administration, how did Secretary of State, George Marshall influence this policy and were these ideas valid (explain)? What incident made the Cold War a global conflict, how did the U.S. approach this conflict and was its position valid (explain)? Finally, how did Cold War tensions challenge the notion of civil rights and liberties at home in the United States (discuss this)?

2.Absolute Age Dating

I. You have analyzed a rock sample using a mass spectrometer and have determined that the sum of the isotopes (i.e., parent + daughter) is always equal to 128 ppm. Using this information, the assumption of zero daughter at time=0, and your understanding of how radiogenic isotopes decay, complete the MS Excel spreadsheet provided. Start with the sum of the isotopes (in the highlighted cell) and use equations for the remaining cells.
2. Plot the concentration of Kazmarium and the concentration of Kehewium (ppm) as a function of the number of half-lives. This will be Figure 1.
3. Comment on the relationship between the variables plotted in Figure 1. 4. On another graph (Figure 2) cross-plot the “# of half-lives” (on the Y-axis) as a function of the parent ratio (on the X-axis).
Parent Concentration
Parent Ratio = (Parent Concentration + Daughter Concentration)
5. Add a logarithmic trend-line to the data in Figure 2. What is the equation for the trend-line? What does y represent? What does x represent?

3.Various service you would want included in your funeral

Recently funeral homes have been required to produce lists of prices for their available services. Contact a local funeral home or search online and find out the costs for various service you would want included in your funeral. Then add up the prices of the services and equipment for a total cost. Be sure to include the following, as well as any additional costs that you see are important. Develop a cost sheet with an explanation of services, cost break down and total costs of services.
a. casket price range
b. Music for before and after the service
c. Service participants: 1. Clergy,2. Musicians, etc.
d. Body Preparation: 1. embalming, 2. dressing, 3. cosmetology, etc,
e. Transportation of the body: 1. in-town/ to funeral home, 2. out-of-town/ air transportation,
f. Additional miscellaneous services: 1. Guest sign in book, 2. Tent rental, 3. Grave marker, 4. obituary, 5. visitation,
g. Cremation services & urn.

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