US history to 1865

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.US history to 1865

One paragraph analysis (essay) In a well formatted one paragraph analysis discuss this question: How did conflict along frontiers lead to instability in the English colonies? 1)Use supporting
historical analysis from the textbook and the primary sources provided to support your thesis. Thesis should be a 3 point thesis. 1) The essay should also address any changes over time and
geographic differences that lead to instability in the English colonies. 2)The format for the one paragraph response is the following:

2.AH Patient Encounter

Adriana Hernandez’s Assessment Adriana Hernandez is a 64-year-old woman presenting with acute-onset dyspnea, dry cough, low-grade fever, and pre syncopal symptoms. Heart and lung auscultation is
normal; she is found to be hypoxic (02 saturation 90% on room air). Past medical history is significant for diabetes mellitus, hypertension, tobacco abuse, and obesity. She has a family history of
coronary artery disease. Her social history reveals she is a Spanish teacher who emigrated from Mexico. She drinks 4 to 5 glasses of wine a week and smokes 2 packs a day. Her diet is rich with
rice, chicken, fish, and beans. She tries to avoid sweets but cheats once a week. AH was presented in the Urgent Care with acute-onset dyspnea, dry cough, diaphoretic skin, a little
lightheadedness, low grade fever. Short of breath upon exertion and rest. She has a normal heart and lung exam, but has bilateral lower leg edema, and RIGHT CALF tenderness. Of note is a RIGHT knee
replacement 6 weeks prior and a past medical history for obesity, Diabetes Mellitus, 2 packs per day smoking habit and a sedentary lifestyle since surgery. Patient smokes 2 packs per day for 30
years now, was offered Smoking Cessation from prior visits but non- compliant. Her father has history of MI, Heart Failure, Mother has history of CVA, Diabetes. She also has a family history of
Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). AH is also obese (5’3″ and 200 lbs), non compliant ddiet (eats lots of rice, beans, chocolates, sweets, even though she is diabetic. Patient has no exercise in
lifestyle even though was recommended to lose weight.
1. Evaluate lab results to determine the actual and/or potential diseases for which patient is at risk (SEE LAB RESULTS), PLEASE REFER TO UPLOADED GRADING CRITERIA AS WELL. 2. Explain history and
physical assessment results that contribute to AH’s risk. 3. Cited lab results correlate with the assessment findings to help determine risk

3.Reaction Paper 1: Rebels

respond to ONE of the following.

1) Identify some of the groups of people who left England to come to America. (Give at least two, and be specific). Why did they come? And of those who came, what type of people were successful?

2) While the colonists initially came to the Americas for economic reasons, their purpose changed. What did it change to, how did it change and why?

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