Popular Music and Cultural Impact

Popular Music and Cultural Impact

The post comprises three asighnments

Popular Music and Cultural Impact

What is the background of this show? Explain what years it was on TV, describe the channel it aired on, the main characters, setting, etc..
What social issues and historical events were taking place at the time the show was being broadcast?
Did these issues affect the television show in any way?
Did the television show make an impact on popular culture?
Your thesis for the essay should attempt to answer this question:
Explain the cultural relevance of the show, given the information gathered from the show’s background, and cultural history. How can television act as a reflection of
the social, political, and cultural current events?

2:Car rental

Pick a business that is affected by Air Transportation that doesn’t use an aircraft, two paragraphs tell me a little about the business and how/why Air Transportation
affects it.


create a 3D design for a heating oil tank for a residence. Tank walls are 3.5mm thick the supply lines are 12mm. include all parts shown in the image.
For 343 Create a CAD file with NC code for a pocket mold (picture "moldA.jpg") the base material is ABS plastic, the stock is 135X 75X16 thick. Make the
pockets similar in size the the ones in the picture. The pocket bottom has a radius of 4 and a depth of 10mm.

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