Service Marketing

Service Marketing
The post contains two asighnments
1:Service Marketing
Order Description
Analyse and compare:
– Low contact services (example: Like
– High Contact Services (example: McDonald)
In term of:
1. What is low contact service and high contact service (Literature comparison)
2. Characteristics of services (Intangibility, Inseparability, heterogeneity, perishability))
3. Comparing the service quality (the gap model)
4. Comparing marketing mix (7ps not 4ps)
5. Service Quality (ServQual)
6. The role of Personnel
7. Service Design and standards
8. Integrated Marketing Communication and pricing
9. Expected service vs. received service (Adequate Services vs. Desired Service)

2 Tools for livinh

the most important information/key concepts we need to understand from these chapters are:

• How can I use the information in the chapters to help me with my daily mindfulness practice?

• In what ways will the material learned in these chapters help me manage my stress more effectively?

• What are your thoughts and feedback regarding the information and activities for each chapter?

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