Good Will in Price Bidding

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Good Will in Price Bidding

Sometimes, a bidder on a work contract may bid lower than what would maximize his/her profit from the contract and the reason for that is to create goodwill (to increase expected future business
from the buyer). How would you value the goodwill that is obtained in this way?

2.Nursing diagnosis for a phenytoin (Dilantin) for newly diagnosed epilepsy

(1) A male patient has been placed on phenytoin (Dilantin) for newly diagnosed epilepsy. He has generalized
tonic-clonic seizures. He has asked how long it will take to manage his seizures and what side effects can
occur. He also wants to know what foods or drugs to avoid while on his medicatiion.

a. Which nursing diagnosis would be top priority for this patient?

b. What interventions would be helpful for this diagnosis?
(2) A 28 year old type I diabetic with renal failure is on hemodialysis. The nurse brings her morning
medications that include rocaltrol and calcium tablets.
a. The patient asks the nurse why she is receiving vitamin D and calcium. because she does not have a bone
disease and is too young for osteoporosis. How does the nurse explain this to her?
b. What patient teaching regarding vitamin D therapy would the nurse give this patient?
c. What information regarding calcium supplements should the nurse give her?
Cite and reference any source used to answer this question.

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