Harlem Renaissance.

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Harlem Renaissance.

Choose an artist from the list below and write a biography about them in the following context.
The paper should be written containing three main topics: 1) History or origin of the movement we
term the Harlem Renaissance.
2) Describe by your words what you think your chosen artists impact or contribution was during
the Harlem Renaissance. 3) Connect their achievements and explain how you feel their
contribution still impact or could potentially impact modern society

The Harlem Renaissance
Jacob Lawence
Romare Bearden
Augusta Savage
Hale Woodruff
Elizabeth Cutlet
Lois Mailou Jones
Aaron Douglas
Selma Burke
Sargent Claude Johnson
Laura Wheeler Waring
Palmer Hayden
William Johnson

2. TQM as An Approach To Improving Competitiveness,

‘TQM Is An Approach To Improving Competitiveness, Effectiveness And Flexibility Of An Organisation. It Is Essentially A Way Of Planning, Organising And Understanding Each Activity, And Depends On
Each Individual At Each Level. For An Organisation To Be Truly Effective, Each Part Of It Must Work Properly Together Towards The Same Goals, Recognising That Each Person And Each Activity Affects
And Is In Turn Affected By Others.”
Js Oakland With Reference To An Organisation With Which You Are Familiar Discuss The Role Of Management Within The Context Of Effective Implementation Of Total Quality

3. Financial Management

choose a company and carry out one of the following tasks:
a. Get hold of the company’s financial statements and analyse the company’s profitability and efficiency over the last 10 years and comment on any significant changes over this period and
investigate the reasons behind the same.
b. Get hold of the financial statements of the company and identify the capital investments that the company made in the last 10 years and investigate the reasons behind these investments. If
possible, approach the company’s management and find out if these capital investments have achieved their objectives etc.(Prepare a questionnaire in advance)
c. Get hold of the financial statements of your chosen company and analyse the liquidity and the gearing of the company and the capital management performance over the last 10 years. Where
possible, interview the management of the company about their capital management and the level of gearing of the company to get better explanations for the ratios you have calculated.

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