Harris and Chestnutt

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Harris and Chestnutt

On a very superficial level, the stories of Joel Chandler Harris are similar to those of Charles W. Chesnutt, especially in how they both use local dialect to develop their realism. However, Chesnutt is an African American and Harris is not. While from the very beginning of his career, race was an important issue for Chesnutt; however, it wasn’t until later in Chesnutt’s career that his reader discovered his racial identity. Write a paragraph explaining why you think Chesnutt’s racial identity should have been clear from the very beginning. How is Chesnutt clearly an African America writer of realism.

2.Safeguarding children

1- Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of abuse on children and young people.
2- Critically examine and analyse the role of different agencies and professionals within the process of safeguarding children and young people.

3.Kelly Loves Tony AND Better Luck Tomorrow

1. Discuss how the films AKA Donus OR Kelly Loves Tony AND Better Luck Tomorrow depict and even challenge the stereotypes of the Asian American model minority.
2. In the films Terminal USA and Saving Face the Asian American family is reconceived from its traditional and heteronormative standard. Discuss the value of showing Asian American families as queered and how this forces us to rethink family, racial identity, and culture

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