The importance of peers in middle childhood and adolescence

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.The importance of peers in middle childhood and adolescence

1. What is the importance of peers in middle childhood and adolescence? Is there a difference at each stage of development? What effect does interaction with peers have on an individual’s
cognitive and socioemotional development?

2. What is the effect of violent videogames and movies on children in middle childhood and adolescence? What are some reasons that violent games and movies are popular to kids in this stage?
Based on the developmental theories you have learned, suggest some ways parents could use to help a child who is obsessed with violent videogames and movies.

3. With 50% of marriages ending in divorce, what is the effect of divorce on the child in middle childhood and adolescence? How important do you think a parent’s relationship is to children
and why?

4. Both Kohlberg and Piaget focused on the moral development of the child. How would each theorist explain why a 10-year-old child might steal a toy from a store? Which one is more convincing
to you? Why?

5. Define Obesity? How can obesity lead to a Depression?

6. Describe the Changes that occur physically, cognitively, and socioemotionally during middle childhood and adolescence?

2.Compare and contrast ( Matto v DPP)

Compare and contrast the following cases:

(a) Matto v DPP (1987) Crim LR 641 AND R v. Khan (1997) AC 558

(b) Teixera de Castro v Portugal (1998) 28 EHRR 101 AND Williams and O’Hare v DPP (1993) 3 All ER 365


(i) Explain the facts of the case

(ii) Discuss the reasoning for the Courts decisions and why were there different outcomes in the cases selected.

(iii) Discuss your views on ‘probative value of evidence’ and ‘prejudicial effect’ in those cases.

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