Macroeconomic Policies

The following post has two assignments namely;

1. Macroeconomic Policies

Describe the characteristics of the current monetary policy and fiscal policy in the United States. Predict how possible changes in monetary and/or fiscal policy may impact the supply and demand of
the product or service produced by the company you selected for your microeconomic/macroeconomic analysis papers as well as the financial performance of your chosen company.

2.Organizational Assessment

Identify a multinational organization that you will use for this assignment. For this week’s assignment,
1) you were asked to speak at this organization’s next leadership meeting about research analysis methods.
2) Begin by conducting research on
• business analytics,
• needs analysis
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that evaluates the processes so that your audience realizes the benefits of each. Length of each slide: 100- words on each slide
3) Then, use your research and evaluation of the processes to evaluate the internal and external environment for strengths and gaps that may influence the organization’s productivity.
4)Create a process for identifying areas of concern and for addressing these in an action plan.
? Include one tables, one flowcharts to show the process and your findings within your presentation.
? Incorporate animations, transitions, and graphics as well as speaker notes for each slide.
? The speaker notes must be comprised of brief paragraphs and bulleted lists.
? Support your presentation with 10 scholarly resources.
? Length: 13 slides (with a separate reference slide) = Total 14
o Length: 100- words on each slide

Points on Organizational Needs Analysis (reference Attached : A Proposed Model for Monitoring Organizational Performance? AncaDraghiciAnca-DianaPopescuLuminita MariaGogan )
Practical structure for organizational analysis, framing the right questions as focused on each of the five key elements:
(1) Strategy: Does my organization know where it’s headed (quantitative and qualitative data)?
(2) Execution: What are the issues around getting things done?
(3) Systems: What is blocking my organization in terms of process, structure, etc?
(4) Growth: Where is my organization’s growth going to come from?
(5) Culture: What does my organization stand for? What type of change is the organization (and its people) currently experiencing?
The general tendency of the organizational performance approach takes into consideration
different organizational dimensions (customers and stakeholders satisfaction, human resources performance and
Definition of key performance indicators,
• continuous improvement,
• most economic
• financial indicators

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