Manufacturing special purpose pulley

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Manufacturing special purpose pulley

Performance vehicle component design focuses on weight reduction in combination with improving the performance characteristics.
• Develop a process sequence to manufacture the special purpose pulley for 3, 350, and 250,000 components.
• Justify the reasoning for the process selection, and indicate potential process performance and quality issues.
• Discuss potential changes that you would make to the part to facilitate manufacturing, or to reduce the process costs.

2.Psychological Anthropology

Compare and contrast two differing sets of wayfnding practices while answering the following
questions: A) What are the key differences in techniques and methods between the two
B) How does each of these systems produce and rely on differing representational
systems? C) What are the impacts of associated tools and material objects on wayfnding cognition; and D) what does this topic tell us about the cultural shaping of cognition more broadly?

3. Risk factor for low health literacy

Using the Health Literacy Assessment Tools that are in the course (TOFHLA and REALM), find one person (“client’) that has a risk factor for low health literacy according to scholarly evidence that
you find. Complete the TOFHLA and the REALM for your client. • Your client’s risk factor for low health literacy • The results of the assessment tools • An analysis of your client’s results: were
the results what you expected? Why/why not? Do you think the assessment tools measured your client’s health literacy level accurately? Why/why not? •

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