The religious affiliation of one U.S. President

The following post has three assignments namely;



1.The religious affiliation of one U.S. President

Research the religious affiliation of one U.S. President. Identify a significant historical event that took place during the President’s term. Utilizing critical thinking skills, Reflect upon how
the religious views of their identified President may have influenced view of the noted historical event.

2.Video journalism

1. The four necessary components to a successful story are: 1. 2. 3.

2. Give an example of a commitment statement.
3. What problem can arise when interviewing an expert?

3.Understanding General Management

Imagine a head-hunter approaches you with your dream job two years after you have graduated from the Executive MBA.

If your dream job is a start-up or family business, imagine a venture capitalist (or family member) championing you to a key investor or sponsor and write what that person would say.

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