Tax Research

Tax Research

The Essay comprises two asighnments

What is a tax research issue for purposes of this course?

A tax research issue is a question that can be answered by conducting tax research using the Internal Revenue Code, Case Law, Revenue Rulings, etc.

What are some examples of commonly mistaken questions that would NOT be a tax research issue?

A question of fact is not a tax research issue. This would be a question that can be answered by asking the parties involved or looking at the documents involved. An
example of this kind of question is: “What is the taxpayer filing status?” This question could be answered by asking the taxpayer, thus it is not a tax research issue.
If you think filing status would be relevant to the issue then the question could be posed for example as “Would the deductibility of X be affected by the taxpayers
filing status?”
A legal question is not a tax research issue. Whether a transaction complies with other legal statutes such as real estate, immigration, state law, etc. are outside
the scope of tax research issue.

Using the definition provided above identify the tax research issue(s) suggested by the following situation and state each issue in the form of a question. List as
many tax research issues as you can to determine the tax consequences of the following transaction.


During 2017, Ling Yeung a U.S. Citizen, supported her niece who is attending school in the United States. Although Ling is a U.S. citizen the niece is a citizen of
Vietnam. The niece has a student visa, but hopes to become a permanent US resident. Other family members hope to come to the US in the future. What tax issues should
be considered by Yeung?

2:Traditional Culture in the Modern World:

The Elders Role
This week there are two topics to discuss – please post about each discussion in a separate thread. Both are equally important.

First read what the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP) Elders say about traditional roles today click here. (pdf)
Listen to the following story -Sage Girls- about the role this Elder played in young women’s lives. (mp3)
Why do you think elder McKenna accomplished what she did?
How does what she accomplished establish an argument for a return to Indigenous teachings in conjunction with Western teaching in schools throughout Canada?
Listen to the following story and watch the following video:

Language camp – Piapot reserve (mp3)
Language camp video(.flv)
How can this camp help young Aboriginal People regain a sense of culture and identity through language?
Is it the responsibility of Canadians, as a whole, to ensure opportunities like this are afforded to young people to retain their language?
Learning From Elders – Elder Rose Richardson

listened to Elder Rose Richardson talk about different plants. Listen to why she wants all people – not just First Nations or Métis people – but all people to
understand. (mp3)
What do you think about the need to save this knowledge? How could all of society benefit from this knowledge?
If we share this knowledge – how can it also be protected from those who may want to exploit it?

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