Beth Brant’s short story

The following post has three assignments namely;

1. Beth Brant’s short story

1. Explain the importance of the title “This Place.” Why does David feel as if he doesn’t belong on the reservation or in the city?

2. What is the significance of Prophet the cat in Beth Brant’s short story?

3. Native American Literature often incorporates ceremony into the writings. Did you catch the euthanasia ceremony that takes places as Joseph gives David the tea that tastes like wet leaves? What do the italicized passages spoken by Joseph reveal about the history of cultural oppression of Native American tribes? (Note: Homophobia did not exist on Indian reservations prior to European influence.)

4. How to Survive a Plague demonstrates that social activism works and can save lives. Why were the AIDS activists successful? What steps did they take to raise awareness about their cause and to attain fair and effective medical treatment?

5. What were the primary obstacles the activists faced and why was the US government so slow when it came to AIDS-related research?

6. Do you feel the general public is more accepting of people with HIV/AIDS today?

2.Global business environment

Analyze the global business environment of an enterprise.
(a) What is your firm’s profile and recent performance? Share a few interesting observations about your firm.
(b) Which factors in the national business environment of the firm’s country of origin, influences its operations and performance?
(c) What are the cultural, political, economic, legal, social, ecological, technological, demographic and financial factors that may influence the future performance of the firm? Which of these factors are important to understand as being a potential source of opportunity or threat to the future performance of the firm? Why?
(d) What specific recommendations will you make to the top management of the firm after analyzing the global business environment of the firm?

3.Social Inequities in Latin America and the Caribbean

Choose one topic from this unit on Social Inequities [race, ethnicity or any of the topics on Sanabria gender, sexuality, and any in Sanabria other topics on social inequities discuss in and examine it more in depth.

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