Exploring legal meaning

The following post has three assignments namely;

1,.Exploring legal meaning

Some have dismissed doctrinal research as being merely descriptive or expository, or about the dry, mechanical application of rules, but this underestimates the sophistication of the interpretative
tools that have been developed and the critical techniques applied in doctrinal analysis.
Vick, D. W. (2004) ‘Interdisciplinarity and the discipline of law’, Journal of Law and Society, vol. 31, no. 2, pp. 163–93, at p. 179.
Explain the key features of the doctrinal approach and critically evaluate its strengths and weaknesses as an approach to exploring legal meaning.

Describe how you used online resources to identify and access relevant information for Question 1. Do you think your approach to this research worked well or not? Explain your reasoning.

2.Is competition such a good thing?

The neoclassical tradition in economics has put a huge emphasis on the benefits of competition. Only the perfectly competitive market structure reliably produces both productive and allocative
efficiency (measures of static efficiency). Any of the imperfectly competitive market structures are generally viewed as a fall from grace. All are described as statically inefficient, it is just a
matter of degree. Typically, we bemoan the movement toward a monopoly, and often invoke antitrust law to prevent it. If you were given a choice would you be willing to live in a world of perfect
competition? Put another way, are there reasons to prefer imperfect competition (Monopolistic Comp., Oligopoly, and Monopoly)? Can you think of anything that you currently consume/use that is a
product of a large oligopolist…Do you think it would even be possible for a perfectly competitive industry to have created it?

3.New Court in Ottawa

The government has announced a tentative (it still needs court approval) 750-million-dollar settlement to the 30,000+ known survivors of residential schools. Given the number of victims (far more
than those currently known) and the extensive nature of the trauma (including the total loss of language and culture of some communities) this number is quite conservative. Unfortunately, this may
be seen as a high figure to those that are not aware of the extent of the pain inflicted on survivors. What are some strategies that can be taken to clarify the reality of the historic violence
done in a sensitive way, that Canadians will pay attention to?

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