Google’s parent company

Google’s parent company

The post contains two asighnments

1:Go to

Read Alphabet’s (Google’s parent company) Code of Conduct and answer the following questions:
3a. What are your general impressions of Alphabet’s / Google’s Code of Conduct? Why does Alphabet have such a code?
3b. What do you think of Alphabet’s / Google’s main message: "Don’t be evil" (or at other times “Do the right thing”)?
3c. What suggestions would you give to Google’s / Alphabet’s founders about the code?

2: How much do you know about the prison situation in your community

Order Description

I need the following questions research.

1. Where is your local jail? ( Louisiana) What is the jail capacity?

2. Where is the closest prison (Louisiana)?

3. What are the mandatory minimum for possession of drugs in your state (Louisiana)?

4. Who is the most famous person serving a life or death sentence in your state (Louisiana)?

5. Does your state(Louisiana) use the death penalty? Are there any limitations?

6. How does your state(Louisiana) perform execution?

7. Who was the last person executed in your state(Louisiana)? What was the nature of his/her crime?

8. Who was the youngest person executed in your state (Louisiana)? What was the nature of his/her crime?

9. How many juveniles under the age of 16 are serving sentences in your state (Louisiana)?

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