US Imprisonment Rate

US Imprisonment Rate

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1:US Imprisonment Rate

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Questions to answer:

Question 1: Research the current American Incarceration and indicate whether it is distributed fairly among the lines of poverty, race and crimes committed.

Question 2: Why is our incarceration rate higher than the rest of the worlds?

Question 3: What can we do to lower the rate or at least stabilize it?

2: An Inconvenient Truth

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An inconvenient truth – by Al Gore
What specifically did you learn that you were not aware of before viewing this information?

What do YOU think can be done to help correct the situations that were covered by the film?

Why has the topic of global climate change been hotly debated during the last few years?

Are you concerned with global climate change?

Do you think everyone on the planet should be equally concerned and share the responsibility of doing something about global climate change? Why do you feel this way?
What does it mean to apply an anthropological perspective to contemporary global issues such as climate change?
Can you come up with an anthropological research project that investigates the global issue of climate change?

Imagine you were given a year and the money to carry out such a research project, how would you spend your time and your resources?

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