Dogs with a back yard versus dogs with no backyard

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Dogs with a back yard versus dogs with no backyard

1.develop a clinical question and then outline the randomized control trial to answer the question
2.what bias may effect the outcomes of your trial?
3.what ethical issues must be considered before your trial can commerence?
4.what measures will you take for assuring your studies strength?

2.Pros and cons of using virtual assessment for employee selection

National City uses a computerized simulation of specific job-related tasks known as “Virtual Job Tryout” to select candidates for jobs. In effect, job candidates get to audition for the job they
want. The company believes that this type of assessment does more than help the company select the right people. The process also gives National City Corporation a distinctive recruiting experience
that creates a unique impression on applicants and helps build the employer brand of the company.

National City worked with a consulting firm to develop several virtual simulations. The simulations have audio and video interactivity and are quite appealing to younger job applicants such as Gen
Y’ers. Call center applicants, for instance, are given scenarios requiring them to solve customer service problems. Branch manager applicants have to demonstrate their skills at developing client
relationships and making quick personnel decisions. Of course, these online assessments are just part of the overall selection process, but they are the next step in getting hired after completing
the application process.

The firm believes that this part of its selection process is an educational tool that helps potential employees learn about the company. According to one of the consultants involved in the
development of the simulation, innovative companies are looking for unique experiences such as this one to make their selection process stand out.

Answer the following questions by applying the concepts learned in Chapter 7. Also, conduct literature reviews on the subject of discussion and use to support your case study answers:
1. Discuss the pros and cons of using virtual assessment for employee selection. To answer this question, you may want to do further research on the concept of virtual assessment for selection.
2. What concerns would you have about this selection process if you were an applicant?
3. Describe the steps the company would need to take to ensure that the selection process is nondiscriminatory and fair.
4. Do you think all types of employees would react the same to virtual assessment? Why? Why not?
5. For what type of skills is the virtual assessment best suited (e.g., hard, soft, business, engineering, other)? Explain your response.
6. Are there jobs for which this type of assessment would not be appropriate?

3.Hijab and Women in Muslim Society

Hijab is an article clothing that is traditionally associated with Muslim women who are faithful to Islam. From the viewpoint of the Westerners or people who are not familiar with the Islamic
culture and tradition, hijab is just a black veil that covers the entire body of Muslim women including their hair and sometimes even their faces. However, there are a variety of types of hijab,
and a closer look at the tradition of wearing the hijab reveals that it is possible to see that hijab is diverse in the ways it might be worn and the ways it might look like. Explore attitudes
about hijab. Define whether the hijab design significant for Muslim women and whether they would like to implement some new forms and materials

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