Factors Contributing to Terrorism

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Factors Contributing to Terrorism

Assume the supervisory role of twelve private security contractors who are dispatched to a small tribal area in southern Afghanistan. Your mission is to provide security for an oil pipeline that
spans approximately 100 miles in your region. Knowing that you are heavily outnumbered and resources are scarce in the area, your security firm has recommended that you build and improve relations
with tribal leaders in hopes of reducing the risk of a terrorist attack against this critical infrastructure.
Create a 3 slide presentation that will be presented to management.

2.Google vs China Case Study Essay

1. What three pieces of advice would you give to MacLean regarding google.cn China strategy? You need to have evidence from the case and textbook to support each of your strategy advice.
2. Should Google abide by the Chinese laws and political regulations based on the Doctrine of Comity, Act of State, and the Principle of Sovereignty as described by Luthan’s chapter 2? You must
cite the doctrines with direct citations in APA format and integrate them in your argument. Give two main reasons for each doctrine argument.
3. Were American companies such as Cisco, MSN, Yahoo etc. doing the right things in China based on your ethical beliefs? You need to use minimum two Ethics Theories and cite them properly from
Luthan’s Chapter 3 to argue. Please make sure that you have the definitions of ethics first in direct citation before your debate.
4. What are the Three Main Business Lessons you learned from the Google vs. China case as a future international manager?

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