“Before the flood” movie analysis

1. In the movie introduction, a few excerpts of Fox News broadcasts are shown. They denounce the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio has “zero years of scientific training” about climate change. While
this is true that Mr. DiCaprio is not a scientist, what do think is ironic or hypocritical in Fox News’s statements? (Maybe Dr. Michael Mann’s statements further in the movie are helpful).

2. Why does the Prof. Jason Box’s weather station in Greenland appear so run down? How much ice has melted in the last five years at this locality?

3. What happens on a regular basis in the city of Miami Beach? What has the city managed to do to get around that problem? What are some costs?

4. How long does Philip Levine, the mayor of Miami Beach expects its mitigation system to work for?

5. What are some hurdles faced by local politicians in Florida in addressing climate change adaptation strategies for their coastal communities?

6. According to Dr. Michael Mann, what does one need to as a climate change denier in order to gain support from the public?

7. What were scientists knowing in 1958 about what a few degrees of warming could do to the Earth? What can we say of their predictions, considering that we have witnessed about 1°C of warming
since then?

8. What is the general perception of climate change in the public in China? Why?

9. What issue has now become the main reason for the Chinese people to protest?

10. Why should we also see some positive change in energy consumption and pollution in China?

11. How is the approach on burning coal different in India? What are reasons for this?

12. According to Indian scientist Sunita Narain, how can the American public bring change to how the whole world consumes energy?

13. What is the nation of Kiribati’s long term strategy for coping the long term effects of climate change?

14. Why is the rainforest in Indonesia burning? Who benefits from it?

15. According to Dr. Gidon Eshel, what are several reasons why eating beef is bad for climate change?

16. How may a Republican politician possibly successfully advocate for a carbon tax, knowing that Republican voters and elected officials are generally opposed to higher taxes?

17. Why is the Pentagon (US Department of Defense), as reported by formed President Barack Obama, concerned by climate change?

18. Can we expect to see some parts of the world cool down (notably Europe)? What would be a reason for this?

19. Why is it important, in your opinion that Pope Francis endorses climate science and mitigation efforts?

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