Immigration and labour markets

Immigration and labour markets

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1:Immigration and labour markets

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Background: The economic effects of immigration are often in the centre of political debates. In this assignment we want you to apply the knowledge you acquired in
economics courses to analyse the arguments for and against immigration. If you choose this topic, please be extra careful not to lean towards a political discussion.
We are looking for a piece of economic analysis.

Assignment: Discuss the effects of immigration on wages, unemployment, and economic growth.

use mathematical/technical models, ability to apply the model directly to the question at a masters level.

Suggested Reading from course:
Peri, G. (2016). Immigrants, productivity, and labor markets. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 30(4), 3 – 30
Kerr, Sari Pekkala, Kerr, William, Özden, Ça?lar, & Parsons, Christopher. (2016). Global Talent Flows. The Journal of Economic Perspectives, 30(4), 83-106.
Dustmann, C., Schönberg, U., & Stuhler, J. (2016). The Impact of Immigration: Why Do Studies Reach Such Different Results? †. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 30(4),
Borjas, George J., & Doran, Kirk B. (2012). The collapse of the Soviet Union and the productivity of American mathematicians. (Report). Quarterly Journal of Economics,
127(3), 1143-1203.

2:Respiratory system

What initiates the basic rhythm of breathing and how does this occur? How do the factors above such as chemical changes affect the depth and rate of breathing ? What
neurological components are responsible? Explain.

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