Informatics in Nursing & the Healthcare Industry

The following post has two assignments namely;

1. Informatics in Nursing & the Healthcare Industry

What is informatics in nursing? What is the significance of informatics in healthcare? How has it changed the healthcare industry?
Use peer-reviewed journal articles and/or credible sources

2.Business Transformation & Reconciliations

Explain the benefits of professional development activities
Evaluate the professional-development potential of specific workshops, conferences, seminars, and professional business meetings
• Plan for and arrange to attend professional development events
• Present your reflections on the value of professional development activities.
During or immediately after an event, make notes on the people you’ve heard speak, your mentor, and others you’ve been introduced to. Answer the questions and note the relationship of each aspect of your experience to your area of interest. Also, note important points and new ideas that were part of the presentation or meeting discussion.
the essay should be well-written and should describe your activity and present your opinion on the applicability of your new knowledge and PD experience. PD experience will
be unique, depending on your interests, expectations, and results. Make sure
you answer the following questions:
• What were the educational benefits of the PD experience?
• Did you meet people who work in your area of interest? If so, how do you plan to stay in contact with them?
• Were you able to use your education and prior coursework experiences to identify any theoretical or methodological strengths or weaknesses in the materials presented for your PD experience?
• How will you apply the PD experience to your future professional goals and objectives?

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