“Many Rivers to Cross”

Watch the video Many Rivers to Cross: Episode 4 “Making a Way out of No Way”
1. How had the Emancipation Proclamation not lived up to its name?

2. Why did some advocate for African-Americans to stay in the South?

3. What things were created to counteract the gains made by Blacks in the South?

4. How did these negative caricatures shape the view of Blacks after Reconstruction? How did that differ from how they were seen during slavery?

5. France 1900; describe the way Blacks in America were depicted at the photo exhibit

Kipling’s “White Man’s Burden”

6. Describe what the “Burden” is?

7. How is the “other” described, what images are you given of them

8. What does it mean to get the “blame of those ye better, the hate of those ye guard”

9. What might the colonized rename this poem, from their point of view? Why?

“Confusing Occupation with Liberation”

10. Mark Twain’s response to imperialism abroad

11. Filipino casualties versus American casualties

12. Why would the U.S. want to rule the Philippines? How does it connect to today?

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