Middle East

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Middle East

Recently, a number of experts in the field from the European Union and the United States have been called together to discuss the involvement of the U.S. in Afghanistan and Iraq. Of particular
concern is the fact that other Middle Eastern nations are becoming increasingly disgruntled with the continued U.S. involvement in the region. The specific concern is that organizations like Hamas
may be gaining support in their notion of having a united Arabic nation under the blanket rule of Islam. While nobody genuinely fears that the Middle East will become one centralized nation, there
is great concern that Hamas may have enough support to upset the current power structure. • As the sole democratically elected terrorist group in this region, Hamas is truly unique in the Islamic
World. What is the likelihood of Hamas being able to rally collective support against the U.S. in the greater Middle East?

2.Outline Green Sourcing Processes for an Organization

In an effort to enhance their image in the eyes of an eco-friendly consumer, McDonalds has hired you to provide specific recommendations for completing each step of the Green Sourcing process,
limited to their French fry commodity. Conduct research to capture a clear view of current French fry sourcing practices at McDonalds. Then, create an outline of the Green Sourcing process for

3.The balanced scorecard approach

Using the balanced scorecard approach , identify 4 key metrics that you would propose for your organization’s supply management system and how you propose to measure those 4 key metrics in your
supply chain

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