Mixed-Sex Teams & Token Males and Females

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Mixed-Sex Teams & Token Males and Females

M412: Mixed-Sex Teams & M4D2: Token Males and Females
Select a personal experience you have had in working within a mixed-sex team at work.

Keeping this in mind, respond to the following:

1. Describe what the experience was like in terms of your own interaction with other team members, critical incidents that occurred between particular members, and the overall climate as well as
effectiveness of the team.

2. Was it a positive or negative experience, and did the team’s mixed-sex composition impact this either way?

Powell’s discussion of Kanter’s research highlights experiences of token males and females (section on Sex Similarity Effects in Chapter 5 of the textbook). YOU MUST READ THE ATTCHED CHAPTER 5 PDF

Keeping this in mind, respond to the following:

3. Discuss your perceptions or observations in relation to this topic.

4. For example, as a patient, would you agree with her findings that male nurses would be viewed as having a higher status than female nurses? Extend this to physicians: would you, as a patient,
have less confidence in a specialist (for example, a cardiologist, an oncologist, or a neurologist) who was female than one who was male?

2.Empathy and Generalist Practice

1. How would you demonstrate empathy for your client? How is this different than showing sympathy to your client?
2. Out of the theories and frameworks discussed in Chapter 6, which one do you think would benefit your client the most? Why? Include a citation from the text to support your answer.
3. Discuss one ethical challenge you observed in your case study (or one you think will be a problem for you). Then discuss how you would resolve it using the NASW Code of Ethics.
4. Rank the importance of the Social Work core values as you see them relating to your case study.
5. What is one question that you have about your case study/client and its relation to this week’s module material?

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