Nursing home

Nursing home

The post contains three asighnments

1:Identify the victim of neglect files lawsuit against nursing home

2: Demand for money using regression analysis

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Research and write a ten page paper wherein you estimate the demand for money using regression analysis; regression analysis is explained in chapter 5 and can be done in Excel; Its not to estimate why people demand money for a major expenditure; rather, it is to estimate the demand curve for money; or why do people hold their wealth in the form of money (use M1 as your measure of money) rather than another asset that will provide a rate of return higher than the rate on one’s checking account, or cash.

Data for the project can be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet from the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank site (Google fred ii to find the site).

Managerial Economics McGuigan/Moyer/Harris 14thED

3:Nurse Practitioner.

Develop your own strategic career plan for starting your new career as an NP. Use the following guidelines to design your career plan.

1. It is time to take inventory and ask yourself some questions. What is your career vision? Be specific and honest. Where do you want to work? What are your short term and long term goals (give timeline). What are the most important things you are looking for? Discuss your desires for salary, vacation, sick leave, CME allowance, medical benefits, retirement, etc. Perhaps you have a niche such as managing chronic diseases in patients over 65 years old.
2. Next, describe your ideal work situation. Is it a rural clinic or major trauma center? Who is your target patient population? Do you have a passion for a particular population or specialty? What schedule do you want? What are the priorities in your career right now? Where do you see your career in five years?
3. How do you plan on researching opportunities (whether looking for employment or independent practice site)? List several methods such as job fairs, the Web, and medical employment agencies.
4. Networking is essential for today’s healthcare provider. Discuss your networking ideas. What Internet resources might you use to network and connect with other healthcare providers?
5. How will you prepare for the interview? What specific steps will you take?
6. Imagine you are starting your own practice. What population will it serve? How will you market your practice? What personnel will you need to hire? How will you obtain funding? Will you be open extended hours to meet the needs of working patients? Will you be the sole provider, or will you hire other providers?

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