Professional Health Care Interview and Blog

The following post has three assignments namely;

1. Professional Health Care Interview and Blog

Interview a health care provider that treats children (nurse, physician, physician’s assistant, school nurse, therapist, etc.); how does childhood obesity factor into the work that he/she does?
What are his/her insights into this issue based on these experiences?

Write a 500- to 800- word blog post based on the findings of your interview.

2.Future of Work

Write a review for the following CBC series on the future of work
Part 1: Artificial intelligence, robot and the future of work

Part 2: Platform capitalism, digital technology and the future of work

Part 3: Utopian vision of a post world

3.The differnces in selling residential property versus specialized property

1. Compare and contrast the differences in listing and selling residential properties and specialized properties.
2. Discuss how a new agent locates new Real Estate listings. Who and what do you consider? Where is best to look?
3. How does a new agent properly prepare for a listing appointment?
4. Discuss potential difficult situations as a new Real Estate Agent and how to avoid or handle these situations.

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