War and conflict

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.War and conflict

What kind of wars are those that aim at regime change? How do they differ from wars over territorial disputes and over policy change? Discuss the Libyan and Syrian wars to illustrate your argument.

2.Juvenile delinquency in Florida

Discuss the history and mission of the family court system in Florida. Discuss what juvenile delinquents are and what criminal acts can get juveniles arrested. Discuss the arrest process police
have to take when dealing with a juvenile. Discuss the court process with juveniles ( including the types of legal presentation and type of prosecutors in these cases) Discuss the yearly number of
juvenile delinquency cases in Florida Finally discuss the different punishments given to the delinquents by the judge depending on their criminal acts and the after care for these juveniles

3.Principles of finance

Choose one of the 5 principles(Cash Flow is What Matters, Money Has a Time Value, Risk Requires a Reward, Market Prices are Generally Right,Conflicts of Interest Cause Agency Problems) perspective
on financial decisions in Saudi Arabia. Search the internet for an academic or industry-related article regarding these core principles. Select an article that relates to your chosen principle and
doing business in Saudi Arabia.

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