An article from the New York Times

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.An article from the New York Times,
Explain how it connects to American history as we have covered it in this class.

2.Why nutritionists measure diary intake

1. Why do nutritionists measure diary intake?

2. How is energy and nutrient intake measured?

3. Why is it important that data on food, energy and nutrient intake is a valid representation of
habitual dietary intake?

4. What random and systematic errors are associated with the measurement of energy and
nutrient intake?

5. How has the validity of dietary intake data been called into question?

6. What methods can be used to identify mis-reporting of dietary intake?

7. What are the relative merits/disadvantages of these validation tools?

8. What proportion of subjects have been identified as mis-reporters in recent dietary intake
studies? Find at least 3 studies that have reported on levels of mis-reporting.

9. Compare the levels of mis-reporting amongst male and female subjects in these studies.

10. What characteristics have researchers found to be associated with mis-reporting?

11. Are all nutrients mis-reported to the same degree?

12. What should be done with the data of subjects who are identified as mis-reporters?

13. How can nutritionists collect more valid data about habitual energy and nutrient intake?

3.Homeland security

1. Describe the four main types of radiological and nuclear terrorism (25 points).

2. Describe what factors influence the biological impacts and importance of a radiological attack, once the material has been dispersed (25 points).
Describe the reasons why some terrorist organizations like The Islamic State (ISIS) have moved from a hierarchical organizational model to a more networked and decentralized model (25 points.
4. Describe the tenets of the United States’ Terrorism Strategy (eight overarching counterterrorism goals) (25 points).

5. Describe the four areas of trending technology that are of particular concern in the development of new WMD (25 points).

6. Describe the implications of a lack of wide standardization of testing methods and facilities in the CBRNE community (25 points).

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