Business Admin Final Project

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Business Admin Final Project

Think of a new business venture you would like to start. It could be almost anything including a new business, an
expansion, or a franchise. It could be high tech or low tech, internet based or store front based.
Develop a PowerPoint slide show to sell your idea to investors.

2.Global Supply Chain Management

In today’s competitive and uncertain market supply chain is becoming more and more complex due to global sourcing and priority has been placed on addressing the various challenges associated with supply chain risks and developing mitigation strategies against vulnerability.
Based on the above statement, you are asked to choose a multinational enterprise and critically discuss: (i) how it manages its global supply chain including any decisions for low-cost country sourcing (ii) what are the areas of concern of supply chain risk and associated mitigation strategy (iii) how the utilization of new technologies

3.Sociological autobiography

Discuss events from your life that are related to the sociological topic(s) you have
chosen. For example, if you choose education as one of your major topics, you will
provide a description of your own personal experiences related to education and the
significant educational events that have occurred in your life.
o Provide a comparison of your experience within this institution to the experiences
that those from other groups or societies. In other words, examine the impact that
your social location has had on your experiences within this social institution.
o Apply specific sociological terms, concepts, and/or theories related to your lived
experiences. Remember, you must use sociological language. Be sure to reference
the textbook and provide explanations of the concepts you are discussing. For
example, if you are analyzing the topic of education you may examine the
significance of labeling theory, and apply concepts like tracking and the hidden
curriculum. The use of sociological terms is necessary for making your work
different than the typical autobiography. I do NOT want an account of your life story
without the use of the sociological imagination.

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