Charismatic Leadership

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Charismatic Leadership

Read the Nadler article on charismatic leadership- write 1-2 pages on Nadler’s positive approach to charismatic leaders and our discussions in class the last three weeks. Compare and contrast the
two and cite examples from the text

2.Evaluating the veracity and/or social value of a popular Twitter account

Reseach paper, evaluate the veracity and/or social value of a popular Twitter account, blog, podcast, reality television series or radio show. Define the target audience for this particular form of
New media. In addition, measure the content against relevant facts and academic/ professional opinions. Your claims and assessment must be fortified by at least five sources in addition to
references to the primary material you are evaluating.

3.The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

There was a strong wind in Clover, VA the day of Henrietta’s funeral. Skloot writes, “Years later, when Henrietta’s cousin Peter looked back on that day, he just shook his bald head and laughed…‘We
shoula knew she was tryin to tell us something with that storm’” (92). Throughout Skloot’s book you’ll find a intermingling of the objective and scientific with the subjective and spiritual.
Explore this idea in whatever way you like. Why do you think Deborah and her family rely more on faith than medicine? Can spirituality and science (especially medicine) coexist? In what ways?

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